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Data sheet: BV EI 304 2082  

Size 4 a: height 27.0 mm

2,1 VA

ta 70/F

BV EI 304 ...

Several hundreds of typen provide high electrical safety and long service-life for printed circuit boards, household appliances, leisure electronics, heating and control technology as well as in assembly techniques. Transformers for special requirements with lower open-circuit (no-load) loss capacity are also available in the range.

absolutely short-circuit-proof
minimal size
test certifications to ENEC 10-, VDE, UL- and CSA-regulations
vaccum encapsulated, bobbin with dual chamber windings
temperature class ta 40°C/F and ta 70°C/F
hight electrical safety and long service-life properties
individually tested with certificate
excellent temperature fluctuation resistance properties

self-extinguishing cast housing and sealing material

Article no. BV

Output ta 40C/F


Connecting pins

Operating point
sec. ± 5%

Connecting pins

No-load voltage
V ± 5%

BV EI 304 2082




12 V 175 mA



Dimensions with no indication of tolerances ± 0,3mm.