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Printed-Circuit-Board transformers

Flat-type transformers

Standard converter

Mains chokes (PFC)

RAST 5 transformers

SMPS transformers

Special solutions / customized versions

Transformer for Top-Hat-Rail Fixtures

Non-encapsulated transformers


Electrical Power Supply Facilities

Compact power supply units

Energy storage choke

Toroidal transformers

Ignition transformers / Electric ignition devices

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Electrical Power Supply Facilities by HAHN



You require electrical power supply facilities to the well-proven HAHN quality?

The latest HAHN developments in new sources of electrical power supply provide the problem solution.

Transformers with or without secure insulation, autotransformers as well as unregulated electrical power supply adapters are supplementary to the overall HAHN product range. Solutions with optimum customer benefit are provided by our own experienced R&D development engineers.

You require certain voltages in AC or DC for your control systems and electrical power supply facilities down to a certain residual ripple factor of less than/equal to 5%. HAHN can meet your requirements by integrating additional components with well-proven durable service-live factors in the well known HAHN quality.

HAHN is flexible and manufactures transformers with or without rectiefier units. Internal saftey features are glass tube fuses and tempersture controllers for the protection of your products and meet the stringent requirements of the VDE-, ENEC- and UL-standards. HAHN´s experienced R&D development engineers and its special machine tool production facility stand for rapid and economic solutions.

A technical head-start represents generally acknowledged reliable problem solutions and a secure functioning of the electrical power supply. Quality control management at HAHN ensures the progressive multi-stage inspection of all components and a conclusive 100% final examination before delivery.

The highly flexible manufacturing concept at HAHN with its wellproven technologies and product experience with extensively automated production plant enables practically any individual requirement and volume of its customers to be fulfilled and technically implemented.