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Top-Hat-Rail Transformer Fixtures



vacuum encapsulated dual chamber windings

Excellent temperature fluctuation reactivity

Highest degrees of saftey and durability

High degree of voltage-leak resistance

Self-dissolving encapsulation- and bonnet materials

Pice verified quality with test certificate

Transformers conform to European Standard EN 61558

Following supply connector variants are possible

Flat plugs

Rast 5

Terminal blocks

Custom-made connectors


HAHN quality now available for

Switchgear Cabinets and Domestic

Supply Services

Hahn transformers are suitable for mounting in swichgear cabinets with the application of special encapsulation bonnets complying with German industrial and European Standard: DIN EN 50 022 and equipped with snap-on fixtures

These encapsulated transformers stand for optimal durability and a rapid simplified mounting for such facilities.

Ongoing quality control - even at the level of components - as well as 100% piece verification ensures the highest degree of quality from the HAHN Works.

Frame Size

Output (max)

at ta 70°C/B




EI 54

20 VA*

60 x 64 x 52


EI 60

30 VA*

66 x 67 x 60


EI 66

47 VA*

72 x 70 x 66


EI 78

60 VA*

84 x 76 x 74


EI 84

100 VA*

91 x 80 x 79

Being planned, not currently available

*dependent on typs of supply connection and circuit breaking facilities

DC variants are planned